Driving a New Ford Focus is Easier Than Ever

Everyone remembers their first car. New or used, it always seems to leave a pretty strong impression, and often times shapes a person's quality standard for the vehicles they buy after. These days, however, young people are opting for used more and more due to insufficient credit. But what if that wasn't an issue? What if you could drive off our lot in a brand new Ford Focus?

As fate would have it, you can, thanks to the frequent buyer program from Ford. Just ask Alyssa, the actual Ford driver in the video above who was able to acquire a new Focus thanks to the project. As a result, she likes driving a lot more than she used to. She finds the Focus safer, reliable, and full of more than enough features to suite her daily driving needs with a dash of panache.

To learn more about the frequent buyers program or our lineup, drop us a line at our Ford dealership in Valdese, NC and we'll go over our models with you based on your needs, and help you find the one that best fits you.

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