Lock-to-Lock Steering Has Never Been Easier

If you have ever driven any type of truck, whether it was a standard bed or an extended bed, one of the most important aspects of how the truck drives is the steering. Yes, we know, steering is always important, but with a truck it is even more imperative that the truck can handle just how you like it because of the size of the vehicle.

Ford particularly understood this and with that in mind they created a new steering technology. The new steering technology, called Adaptive Steering, which will make steering easier. Inside the steering wheel is collection of a small computer, a small electric motor, and a gear unit that work to make steering easier.

Introduced in the 2016 Ford Edge originally, Ford is bringing this technology to their loine of Super Duty trucks. The Super Duty line-up of trucks is home to some big, rather heavy trucks that are used for big jobs that often time include towing and hauling. With an easier system of steering, these trucks will handle much smoother and allow for work to be done in an even safer manner.

Adaptive Steering will make it so a driver will have to use less energy steering to get the same result. For example, one full rotation of the steering wheel on your old truck equates to 30% less of a rotation on a Ford truck with Adaptive Steering technology. In return, this leads to a more effortless driving experience and a smoother ride, especially when at lower speeds or when you are hauling heavy objects.

Everyone at Paramount Ford in Valdese, NC, knows how important it is to have a truck that is capable, but also drives nice, and with our great selection of new Ford trucks in stock, we want to help you find the perfect new truck for you!

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