Rid Your Budget of Unnecessary Oil Changes

It used to be that you needed to get your oil changed fairly often such as every 3,000 miles. These days you can get away with going a lot longer between oil changes. You can actually go about 7,500 miles in between oil changes thanks to the better synthetic oils and more efficient engines of today.

If you are not sure when you should get the oil changed in your car you will want to check in your owner's manual or you can also come see us here at Paramount Ford so that we can help you to decide what is best for your vehicle.

How often you need to get your oil change will also depend on how and how often you drive. If you drive often but your trips are short, or you make a lot of cold starts, then your engine will have to work a lot harder. If you’re unsure about when to get your oil changed, stop in and meet with a member of our staff at 101 Malcolm Boulevard today!

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