Costume Safety Tips During Halloween

Do you know how many accidents are recorded during Halloween night? The numbers are surprising every year. Halloween night is supposed to be fun and entertaining with scary movies, but not accidents.

At Paramount Ford we have compiled the following list of top safety tips to help you keep your kids safe.

  • Instead of face masks, go for face painting. Masks obstruct the child's vision. They might fail to see an oncoming vehicle or miscalculate the distance.
  • Choose a costume with bright or reflective colors. It is safer to be as visible as possible at night. That way any driver can easily spot you.
  • To spice up a dark costume, wear reflective tapes or stickers. These can help you to be more visible to any oncoming traffic. Glow sticks and LEDs also help, but flashlights are always a fun addition to any costume.
  • Bright colors are just as scary as dark colors. After-all, your safety is paramount.

We wish you a happy and safe Halloween.

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