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Understanding the Signs of an Ignition Issue Requiring Service

There are a number of symptoms associated with an ignition in need of service. One of these signs is a failure of the dashboard lights to light up when the ignition is activated. A properly functioning ignition causes the brake, oil, and other dashboard lights to illuminate.

Another symptom of an ignition in need of service is the ignition itself being unusually hot to touch. 

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If You Find Your Headlights Starting to Dim There Are Some DIY Solutions for You

If you are like many of us then chances are that you have found your headlights getting dim over time at one point or another. If you are not ready to completely replace the system, then fortunately there are some things 

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Be Prepared for Your Next Holiday Car Trip

It is the holiday season again, and Grandma invited you to cut the turkey. You are excited to show off your expert carving skills, and you make haste getting into the car. You are all ready to go; only you are not nearly prepared enough for a road-trip. You have not packed anything, do not know your route, and do not know if your car is road-ready.

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Police Responders Switch to Ford Hybrid Models

If you’re a fan of the Ford brand, then you likely already know that the company has a long-lasting relationship with law enforcement departments all over the country. The Ford Mainline, the Crown Victoria, and later still, the Ford Galaxie are just a few of the cars that we think of when we think of police vehicles. Now, Ford is announcing some pretty interesting news: a hybrid model for police responders.


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A Ford Mustang and the Woman Who Loved It

It was 50 years ago that Terry Maxfield walked into a Ford dealership in Ohio and drove out with a brand-new Mustang. She hadn’t intended to buy the car. She was in the market for a family vehicle, having a toddler in tow and a baby on the way. But something about the Mustang spoke to her and she just had to have it.

They spent a lot of great years together before, finally, Terry sold the car back to the original dealership. There, it will remain a showpiece and not be sold. She actually sold the car to…

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Homelessness, Interior Design and Ford: What’s the Connection?

In Detroit, Michigan, homelessness is a big problem. The majority of homeless individuals are single mothers with kids to support. When the bills come due and there isn’t enough to cover the mortgage or rent, it’s all too easy to fall behind.

When Treger Strasberg started her organization, Humble Design, she envisioned designers creating houses that were true homes. The nonprofit collects donated household goods and helps these families in transition to get a fresh start, and new hope.


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